Jutsun & Company Law Associates Inc., is not a law firm, but a specialized legal intermediary consulting firm providing legal services through licensed practitioners where mandated.

We are not a law firm and do not have solicitors as partners or are constituted as a law firm under the Law Society Act of Ontario. Instead our firm acts as a legal consulting intermediary which retains and engages licensed and qualified practitioners to act for various legal services. As a legal consulting intermediary, we provide oversight and management of specific legal files and interact with our team of qualified professionals and licensed practitioners to act as legal counsel of record.

This is a new concept within the structure of legal practices albeit does not contravene any governing statutes or regulatory standards. In the conduct of its legal support services, the company utilizes and relies upon licensed solicitors, paralegals and law clerks who are licensed practitioners where applicable, and are insured and in good standing with the Law Society of Upper Canada where mandated.

As legal intermediary consultants, we provide our clientele with all the essential professional legal support services while ensuring that all services provided are judiciously and professionally executed. As a total full services legal support system, we provide case file management, due diligence oversight and execution and delivery of quality focused professional legal services. Most importantly, all our services provided by our expert team of legal professionals, are executed economically, efficiently, and with a priority objective of ensuring that your client needs are best served above all else!

A key core focus is with respect to criminal financial fraud and expropriation of investor and consumer assets. This is executed in conjunction with our affiliate company, FSI Fraud Security Investigations, our fraud investigative agency. This is a highly specialized criminal fraud investigative firm, wherein our agency researches and investigates high level criminal fraud rendering its victims violated and without recourse. One of our core Mission Statement and Objectives is to provide those victims with requisite legal services who would otherwise be financially constrained, so that they may have the means of recovery, restitution and repatriation of expropriated assets and property.

Our array of legal intermediary services includes a diversified suite of legal services that our clientele can immediately avail themselves of. However, our legal services are executed at more economical and competitive rates while providing unparalleled quality of services and sterling professionalism. In fact our services and quality of care may exceed many practitioners whereby Jutsun & Company Law Associates, can deliver requisite legal services at more cost competitive rates, yet with better execution of detail and professionalism yielding a higher pedigree of client satisfaction!


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